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The Boxer CD
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American Standard. Interactive-computer imaging and animation. See perfection as expressed by the standard. Explore Boxer temperament, profiles and movement.

FCI Standard. Federation Cynologique Internationale founded in 1911 has 79 members worldwide. Not a registry but stresses working standards and maintains criteria.

Heads. See muzzle length change. Measure planes. Eyes change size and color. Evaluate head profile and front views. Understand correct dentition.
(Click On Buttons At Left To View Examples)

History. 16th century Flemish tapestries show the Boxer in scenes of stag and boar hunting, cousin to the Spanish Alano and Matin.
In France, a cousin the Dogue de Bordeaux, though more massive possessed many points of Boxer type. Boxer essentially a German breed with an English name.

Glossary of Boxer Terms. Unique breed terms - including animation's.

Muscles, bones, joints, functions. Reviewed in detail.

Gait. Examine Boxer gait one frame at a time. Stop action, slow motion or full speed. Note balance and efficiency of stride.

20 True/False questions. Check your answer and score. Barking dog signals 'wrong'! Animation and imaging illustrate correct. The experts miss on this quiz. 20 Multiple Choice Quiz. A real challenge even for AKC judges. ...................(Click True/False buttons at right)

Evaluate A Class. Evaluate a class. Place and grade. Get interactive response. Click and compare with AKC judges and breed experts.

Obedience, Agility. Watch the best compete.

Therapy, Service and Guide Dogs. In service to their owners.

  Use measurement tools to measure proportion and angulation. Change dog’s length and height. Overlay bones to guide measurements.

Gallery of Champions. Hundreds of Boxer photo studies from around the world.

Master the Standard in Just a Few Hours

An A to Z Primer
Everything you expect...and more.
Totally Interactive ... Fast ... Incredible Visual Clarity ... Powerful Encyclopedic ...Easy to Use Superior Navigation

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