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Poodle CD
Toy, Miniature and Standard

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AKC Standard. Interactive computer imaging and animation. See perfection as expressed by the standard. Explore Poodle temperament, ideal head and profiles. Grooming secrets of the experts revealed.

Anatomy. Structure - muscle, bone, joint and function - reviewed in detail.

Heads. Muzzle lengths change before your eyes. Length from occiput to stop measured relative to muzzle. Eyes change size, shape and color. Evaluate head, profile and front views. Underjaw and dentition explained.

History. Roman tombs had carvings of Poodles in Lion trim...Russian 'Posen' was huge....German 'Pudel' means water splasher...Poodle, National dog of France. England 1867 bred first almost pure Poodle.

Glossary of Poodle terms. Explained with animation's.

Working. Retrieving in field and water. Competing in obedience and agility, Poodle has not peer. Videos of panel and circle jumps, weave poles and closed tunnels. Understand PCA and NAHA rules.

Gait. Examine Poodle gait one frame at a time or slow motion or full speed. Note balance and efficiency.

Gallery of Champions. View hundreds of toy, miniature and standard champion photo studies.

You be the Judge. Evaluate a class. Place and grade. Get interactive response. Click and compare with AKC judges and breed experts.

The Quiz's. 40 true/false questions. Animation and imaging illustrate answers. Over 20 multiple choice questions just like the judges test.

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Poodle CD Breed Study
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